Nerve cells are linked to each other by synapses. When the load reaches a junction it can trigger the release of microscopic chemical explosions called neurotransmitters.
Feeling of happiness, joy, serenity .. Is it possible?

How can some natural ingredients like oil of alban, aloe, ginger, marine phytoplankton and others help us enjoy life? 

Unfortunately, anxiety, poor mood, chronic fatigue, lack of joy for life and depression are now our daily annoying comrades. 

In addition to the psychological causes that are treated psychologically, there are also biological causes that unfortunately burden our psychological condition and make it difficult to resolve. 

Let us imagine our body as a huge computer, with its processing center, our brain, interconnecting with all body systems through our nervous system. 

Each of the neural cells is linked to thousands of others with links called synapses, thus creating the miracle called man. When information reaches a junction it triggers the release of microscopic chemical explosions called neurotransmitters.

Signs of modulated memories and thoughts move into nerve cells as a small electrical charge. Neurotransmitters are released from a cell in the space between it and the next cell.

The second cell has receptors that can take up the neurotransmitters and respond. So they travel through synapses by transferring information to other cells.

Their role is extremely important because they can affect mood, appetite, anxiety, sleep, heart rate, temperature, aggression, fear, behavior, energy, euphoria, relaxation, bliss, good memory.

The problem that is created very often because of the poor quality of modern man's life (poor diet, stress, pollution) is the hardening of the cell membrane casing. Thus neurotransmitters can not transfer the information and energy they contain. This is a problem that is obviously not perceived by us.

However, the results of this "incomplete" process have caused many problems after years, which should then be addressed with drugs harmful to the body.

Symptoms are many. We have no energy, positive mood, we are cut off by joy, we are vulnerable to depression. Is there a solution?

FrequenSea Pro comes in and has an effect on the problem. With the specific ingredients it contains, it succeeds in keeping the cell membrane elastic, soft and healthy.

This allows neurotransmitters to perform their function successfully. FrequenSea Pro promotes energy, vitality as it is an excellent source of micronutrients. 

In this way it contributes to good mental and physical health. So the feeling of happiness, joy and harmony is achieved without drugs but in a way that is compatible and synchronized with human nature.

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