Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by areas of skin with thick scales that may be pruritic or painful. It is estimated to be 125 million people worldwide. The severity of the disease varies from person to person and about 25% of patients suffer from moderate to severe disease.
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Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by areas of skin with thick scales that may be pruritic or painful. It is estimated to be 125 million people worldwide. The severity of the disease varies from person to person and about 25% of patients suffer from moderate to severe disease.

Psoriasis can grow anywhere on the skin while the most common are elbows, knees and scalp. It can also occur in the trunk, the limbs and the toenails and legs.

Another form of psoriasis is psoriatic arthritis where the joints of the body in 3 out of 10 patients with psoriasis are also affected. While psoriasis may occur in individuals of all ages, it usually first appears between the ages of 15 and 25 years. 75% of patients appear before the age of 40 years.

Social effects of psoriasis

The psychological burden of psoriasis is very high. Psoriasis affects the appearance of people and also the image they have for their people. It is very likely that some will avoid touching them, embracing them, kissing them, sharing with them, for example. a cloth or a towel, and even approach them in a very short distance because they probably do not know that psoriasis is not contagious. This ignorance may be an obstacle to a range of activities that provide a way out for sports, fun and social gathering (eg entrance to a gym, a swimming pool, a beach, etc.).

Difficulties experienced by patients with psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic illness with bouts and recesses. Psoriasis is treated with topical, pills, phototherapy (using UV irradiation, with or without medication) as well as with injectable drugs. In most cases it is long-lasting, requires discipline and many times some drugs create serious side effects. But all these efforts, on the one hand, only deal with the symptoms, not the causes, and on the other hand they do not have permanent results.

Facing the Causes

Autoimmune diseases are diseases that arise because our body attacks and destroys its own cells and organs. One in ten citizens in the European Union suffers from an autoimmune disease.

It is today the leading cause of chronic diseases and affects the health of more people than heart disease or cancer.

According to the American Association of Autoimmune Diseases, fifty million Americans, one in five, suffer from an autoimmune disease.

Why is this happening

According to new studies, the higher the living level, the greater the incidence of autoimmune diseases, and that is the price we pay for a lifestyle that is constantly deviating from the normal.

In order to understand exactly what is happening, we need to look at the issue where it arises. At cell level.

Our cells are the biological units that make up our body. Colonies of cells with common features assemble and form organs and eventually a human body.

The condition of our cells reflects our general state of health. A cell is made up of structural elements while it also uses some others to function. These are ingredients that we take through nutrition and are essential for our cells to function and function properly. Such are minerals, amino acids, proteins, vitamins, enzymes, fats and carbohydrates.

But can today's foods provide us with the needs of a healthy body in quantity and quality to make its tissues and perform the necessary cellular functions that characterize life?

Our foods have changed

Within fifty years only the change that has undergone our diet is impressive.

Let's take for example a food like lettuce. Previously, we had one field and we cultivated one hundred lettuce in it. Today, one thousand of lettuce are grown in the same field. The nutrients in the field must now be shared in a thousand lettuces instead of one hundred as they once did.

In order to produce it is inevitable to use fertilizers that will restore the necessary elements to the soil. In no case can fertilizers be able to attribute the 92 elements found in nature. Conventional crops enrich the soil with the three basic components of plant growth (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus), while the best organic crops reach just sixteen.

To take the nutrients that gave us a lettuce just fifty years ago, today we have to consume ten.

But this is not easily feasible. The same is true for the other foods we eat, whether they are plant or animal.

Our cells, therefore, do not hire or have the data they need to function. Little deficiencies are created at cellular and molecular level.

Ingredients that ought to be in the cell are no longer present.

As our performance decreases, our health also decreases. We do not feel as good as ever. Each day we move away from the optimum operating mode. We believe many times that this is due to the years that pass. Unfortunately, however, it is easy to notice that similar problems affect younger and younger people.

But the problem does not stop there. Beyond the deficiencies that our cells pose, they are burdened with toxic substances that should not be there. Heavy metals, industrial chemicals, drugs and other non-living compounds enter every cell.

The inability of science to provide solutions

The new scientific knowledge that autoimmune diseases such as psoriasis are due to nutritional deficiencies and that complementing and replenishing leads to both prevention and treatment. References to scientists such as Tsoukalas - Grigorakis and others.

Our body needs vitamins and trace elements for proper functioning. Their deficiency causes loss of balance and a series of mild to very serious side effects.

Therefore, the solution of dietary supplements is unavoidable but unfortunately very expensive if one wants to get all the substances he needs daily in sufficient quantities. This is because of low absorption.

The solution gives a new technological development that offers maximum absorption of the substances. All substances that offer defense and treatment for psoriasis and need daily is in a dietary supplement called Prodigy-5.

With Prodigy-5, the body blooms, day by day, weekly, the cells are brewed in an abundance of ingredients and refreshed, and so one gradually sees the symptoms of psoriasis receding immediately. There are testimonies of people who, after the third week of taking, have declined to a great extent and after a few weeks disappeared.

Prodigy-5 complements our food shortages and has a spectacular impact on all of our health. It gives us our food lost over the last 50 years.

In addition to Prodigy-5 which works by refreshing our cells, we can find direct external relief with the strength of a metal, germanium and two herbs, red korean GingSeng and marine phytoplankton.

PowerStrip, a miraculous patch, created by Professor Minsu Kim from Seoul's Future Technology University in Korea

with these ingredients, gives immediate solution to psoriasis exacerbations, leaving the Prodigy-5 to work from within.

Way of use

In the treatment of psoriasis we have two steps:

  • general detoxification of the body and
  • local use


General detoxification of the body: By placing 1/4 PowerStrip at the liver, 1/4 on the pancreas and 1/4 in the coccyx, we achieve the active detoxification of the body.

Local use: we place thin strips on the lesions or around the affected area. This gives us the local improvement of blood flow, proper nourishment of skin and subcutaneous tissue, and has anti-inflammatory anti-microbial and antifungal activity, resulting in rapid improvement.

If the lesions have a large extent, then it is prudent to start with the general cleansing of the body. In chronic cases, it is recommended that treatment be continued for at least two months, even if the symptoms have subsided.


Vitamins for psoriasis

In the prevention and complex treatment of psoriasis, vitamins and trace elements play an important role. They act actively on cellular metabolism, acting generally tonic.

The most important vitamins in psoriasis

Significant relief for the patient with the symptoms of psoriasis will bring first a group of lipid soluble vitamins A, D and E.

  • Vitamin A (retinol) is rapidly absorbed into the body. Current studies show the effectiveness of retinol use not only in common psoriasis but also in the treatment of blistering and limited forms of the disease. Vitamin A stimulates the proliferation processes and is responsible for the differentiation of epithelial cells. Retinol reduces keratinization of skin cells, reduces fat production from sebaceous glands. Vitamin A also plays a role in maintaining the normal level of keratin in epithelial cells, which is important for the pathogenesis of psoriasis.
  • Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties, slows oxidation processes in epithelial cells, feeds cells with oxygen, neutralizes free radicals, toxins from skin cells. Vitamin is involved in DNA synthesis. It increases the overall immunity of the body.
  • Vitamin D is involved in cell membrane construction and DNA synthesis. Vitamin protects bones from softening, which is often recorded with psoriatic arthritis. It has an anti-allergic effect. It is involved in the digestion of calcium, which is of particular importance to the disease.


For the prevention and treatment of various forms of psoriasis, water-soluble Group B vitamins are widely used. The mechanism of action consists in regulating the redox reactions involved in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. In this disease, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B15 are particularly important. The latter is successfully used in the treatment of erythroderma and psoriatic arthritis.

  • Vitamin C: Psoriasis treatment is based on the supply of intensive tissue regeneration, and manages with this vitamin. Ascorbic acid participates in collagen synthesis, cell membrane construction, synthesis of steroid hormones. It increases the protective functions of the body. Get vitamin C is recommended in combination with vitamin P.
  • Metals and trace minerals: From minerals, calcium has the greatest therapeutic effect in treating psoriasis and preventing its relapse. In the pathogenesis of this disease, the acidosis of the organism plays an important role. Calcium promotes alkalinity of the body and thus helps reduce unpleasant symptoms.
  • Vitamin D is involved in cell membrane construction and DNA synthesis. Vitamin protects bones from softening, which is often recorded with psoriatic arthritis. It has an anti-allergic effect. It is involved in the digestion of calcium, which is of particular importance to the disease.
    Scientific research in recent years has shown that silicon deficiency plays one of the determining roles in the development of psoriasis. It turns out that the main cause of recurrences is the low concentration of silicon in the body. Silicon is responsible for strengthening the connective tissue, the walls of the blood vessels. Silicon stimulates the immune system by removing toxins from the cells.
  • Trace elements are also important in general remedial treatment and in the prevention of psoriasis. They affect the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, they are part of the enzymes. Scientific evidence suggests that lack of copper, zinc, manganese and selenium contributes to the development of psoriasis.
  • Copper is part of the enzymes involved in breathing and oxygenation. It is necessary to maintain elasticity of the capillary walls and the structure of the cartilage. It is an integral part of elastin and collagen. Copper has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the incidence of autoimmune diseases. Scientific evidence supports the relationship between copper deficiency and psoriasis development.
  • Zinc exerts an antibacterial effect on the skin, reduces sebum production, reduces irritation, increases the elasticity of the epithelium, improves tissue regeneration.
  • Manganese helps in the absorption of copper and iron, activates enzymes, promotes rapid wound healing and skin lesions, accelerates the regeneration of epithelial cells, which is important in the pathogenesis of psoriasis.
  • Selenium: The therapeutic effect of selenium is associated with the anti-inflammatory, immunostimulatory and antihistaminic effect of the trace element. Selenium has strong antioxidant properties, slows the aging process, reduces rashes.
  • Curcumin: Studies have shown that curcumin has antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory action. Receiving oral curcumin was shown to be safe and effective as adjunctive therapy in patients treated with topical corticosteroids for mild to moderate psoriasis.
    Improvement of up to 48% in the psoriasis patient receiving daily curcumin 3g. In the group of patients treated with topical steroids and placebo similar improvement achieved is only 12%.
  • Folic acid supports the normal functioning of the immune system.


Vitamins normalize the metabolism of epithelial cells, soothe the nervous system, stimulate the oxygenation of the skin, improve its appearance.

Lymus Pauling said: "Health is a situation where the right molecules in the right quantity are at the right time at the right place." Our body can only produce 4 vitamins, all the other gets with food. Our body is a complex chemical laboratory. There is no chemical reaction to it without the involvement of enzymes, and they only work with the presence of vitamins. Every day we need about 600 useful substances for a full life. To receive this amount, you need to consume 32 different types of food.

Our food has become artificial

Our food has become artificial, lacking in real natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Scientists have calculated - to get a daily dose of all the nutrients necessary for the body, we need 50 kg of food a day. Think for yourself:

Scientists have calculated - to get a daily dose of all the nutrients necessary for the body, we need 50 kg of food a day. Think for yourself:

To get a daily dose of vitamin C, you should eat 15 oranges or 42 tomatoes a day
- vitamin E - 10 cups of olive oil,
- β-carotene - 5 carrots,
- Selenium - 160 bananas or 16 fried eggs.
Can you eat 160 bananas a day?

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