PowerStrip, PowerLift.Skin needs nutrition.However,today's harsh environmental conditions combined with psychological factors prevent this.PowerStrips provide the skin with invaluable nutrients such as Red Korean Ginseng and Marine Phytoplankton. ​
Beauty Treatment using Powerstrips

The causes of skin aging and fatigue:

Over time, our skin loses its elasticity and firmness, and becomes duller.
Various factors are held responsible for this negative outcome, such as smoking, weather and environmental conditions, reduced blood circulation in the capillaries and more.
Today there are many beauty salons that offer a range of skin treatments and rejuvenation. Examples may include:

  • Mesotherapy
  • Deep peeling
  • Beauty treatment
  • Botox and HyaluronicAcid
  • and many more

Although these treatments may provide satisfactory results,they are time consuming and quite expensive.

How do PowerStrips work as Beauty treatment?

The PowerStrip acts in such a revolutionary way that it would be no exaggeration to say that it comprises a priceless gift for the health of our skin.

The interaction of the ingredients rejuvenates the skin, reduces the appearance of brown spots, diminishes pore size, smoothes deep wrinkles and virtually eliminates fine lines, reduces dark circles and eliminates bags under the eyes, significantly reduces the appearance of the fine red vessels around the area.
Skin becomes radiant, firmer and more youthful.

The Germanium and Ginseng saponins in the strip open up the natural skin barrier so that all the Ginseng and Marine Phytoplankton nutrients can penetrate deep into the skin,providing perfect nutrition for the tissues. Germanium enhances microcirculation, increasing tissue oxygenation. It therefore helps to improve blood flow and activates the continuous delivery of the essential nutrients to every cell.

How to apply the Powerstrip for complete nutrition of the skin:

From top to bottom, place a piece in the middle of the forehead (point 1), a narrow strip above each eyebrow (point 2), a very small piece in between the eyebrows (point 3).
Moving downwards,place a small piece on each temple (point 4) and a narrow strip under each eye (point 5).
Then place a small,narrow strip over the nose (point 6) and two slightly larger strips on each cheek (point 7).
Cover the nasolabial folds with two narrow strips (point 8).
Finally,place two small pieces above the upper lip (point 9) and a slightly larger one on the chin (point 10).

However incredible it may seem,you will need no more than one PowerStrip for this beauty treatment.You can apply it at home, and leave it on all night until the next day. If in fact you have no obligations outside the home the following day, you can leave it on until late into the day.

On the first application of this treatment,you will instantly see more radiant and firmer looking skin. After a few more applications, you will notice greater and more permanent results.
The treatment can be repeated twice to three times a week in the beginning and later on, often enough to maintain the results.
If in fact the PowerStrips treatment is combined with the BeautyStrips System, the results are spectacular.

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