The prodigy-5 is changing our lives, giving us, in a delicious and enjoyable drink, that it is missing from our diet. Rarely a product has such a great impact. We have gathered here a series of questions and their answers.
Prodigy-5, answers to your questions
Prodigy-5 Συχνές Ερωτήσεις (FAQ)

Q: What differentiates Prodigy5 from other supplements on the market?
A: Although there are many supplements in the market, there is none like Prodigy5! Prodigy5 is not only an All-In-One product with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and energy, but also incorporates a new technology that has been shown to increase absorption and nutrient recovery! And this technology is available in the world exclusively through Prodigy5 from ForeverGreen.

Q: What benefits and allegations about Prodigy5 can Members Publish on their personal websites?
A: For approved information and allegations about Prodigy5, go to ForeverGreen today at There you will find information about the brilliant minds behind Prodigy5, the ingredients of Prodigy5 and a list of all the benefits you will get when adding Prodigy5 to your daily treatment.

Q: What is the "right way" to recommend this product to people?
A: First of all, Prodigy5's sales points are Dr. Bala Ambati, TransArmorTM Technology developed by Drs. Ambati and Saucedo, and that with absorption technology, phytoplankton, vitamins, energy and antioxidants, Prodigy5 is an all-in-one dietary supplement for everybody every day!

Q: What is Prodigy5 a "high incidence" product?
A: With a proprietary formula that includes the energy from green tea, you can feel the benefits of Prodigy5 instantly, while providing your body with the necessary nutrients that will create long-term benefits with continued use.

Q: Does it contain vitamins and minerals, or will it be simply easier for you to absorb them from other sources?
A: Prodigy5 contains a range of vitamins and minerals. TransArmorTM Technology will help the body make better use of nutrients in Prodigy5, and many other nutrients are taken up simultaneously or around the same time.

Q: How are antioxidants in Prodigy5 better than other products on the market?
A: Antioxidants come in many forms. The natural antioxidant ingredients of Prodigy5 come to you through a pulping process that preserves the natural nutritional integrity of the original fruit. Most of the antioxidant properties of Prodigy5 come from pomegranate and raspberry. While you may be able to find these ingredients in other products, Prodigy5 is unique because it's all-in-one. It's not just an antioxidant product, it's also a product for total nutritional nutrition and energy, backed by exclusive bio-enhanced TransArmor ™ Food Technology.

Q: Where can I find a list of vitamins and minerals contained in Prodigy5?
A: For a list of the vitamins and minerals contained in Prodigy5, refer to your product packaging. We also provide Nutritional Information below.


  Q: What is the percentage of absorption of Prodigy5?
A: Most people only partially absorb the nutrients they consume. Certain nutrients have been shown to be absorbed very well and others very little, but none are completely absorbed.

TransArmor food technology located in Prodigy5 allows for improved absorption not only of all nutrients found in Prodigy5 but also for a significant number of other nutrients (for a list of nutrients that had increased TransArmor absorption, please see below) . The absorption of nutrients found in Prodigy5 increased by between 20% and 70%. While others, like curcumin, an antioxidant, have an increased absorption of about 2,000%! By adding Prodigy5 to your daily diet, you help to provide better absorption of the many nutrients you consume on a daily basis!

List of nutrients that show increased absorption:
  • Fat soluble vitamins:
  • Vitamin A
  • Barkotene (provitamin)
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin K
  • selenium
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • Manganese
Water-soluble vitamins:
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folic acid
  • Vitamin C
  • Metallic:
  • iodine
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Amino Acids:
  • lysine
  • isoleucine
  • leucine
  • threonine
  • valine
  • tryptophan
  • phenylalanine
  • methionine
  • Herbs:
  • Boswelic Acid
  • ginsenoside
  • Withanaloids
  • Curcuminoides
  • Pycnogenol

Q: How can we control the rate of absorption in our body?
A: Most people can expect to have very similar absorption reactions in Prodigy5 with TransArmor Technology, but in order to determine the exact percentages and internal levels of nutrients in the body, blood testing is required.

Often we suffer from some kind of nutrient deficiency and with regular consumption of Prodigy5, these deficiencies can often be corrected. Correcting these shortcomings can lead to an important and sometimes dramatic change in the way we feel, see and work. In the first month of systematic consumption of the product, pay attention to how wonderful you will start to feel after adding Prodigy5 to your daily diet!

Q: How long does it take to absorb Vitamins from Prodigy5?
A: The effects of increased absorption occur in two phases, immediately and again when it reaches the small intestine. However, this may vary from person to person.

Q: How much product is contained in each dose?
A: Each packet will contain about two grams (2g) of the powder.

Q: What is the chemical formula of Prodigy5?
A: It is a high concentration - nutritionally - dense powder.

Q: Is an effective nutrient delivery system dust?
A: Powder is an effective way to maintain the integrity of natural ingredients without the need for preservatives and also makes the product lighter for shipment and is not subject to high shipping, freezing, leakage, etc. The fact that it contains TransArmorTM Technology means that nourishment from Prodigy5 may be absorbed and used by the body better than any other product on the market.

Q: How can you get the product?
A: Mix the contents of a packet into 350ml of water. You can also add the contents of a packet to an entire bottle of water for a more gentle taste.

Q: Why does Prodigy5 dust not completely dissolve in water?
A: Parts of the TransArmorTM technology do not begin to dissolve until they are consumed. Also, some of the components of TransArmorTM Technology and metallic elements found in Prodigy5 are not intended to be water-soluble. This is part of the absorption technology that is designed to deliver the nutrients of the product to the body with maximum performance.

Q: How many portions should I take a day?
A: We suggest you take a portion. Additional portions can be taken at the discretion of the user and / or the judgment of the user's physician according to his diet and health condition. It is best to consult your doctor before starting any new dietary supplement.

Q: How many portions are contained in each folder?
A: Each Prodigy5 dossier contains 28 individual portions.

Q: Are there specific times of the day when Prodigy5 should be taken?
A: No, you can enjoy Prodigy5 at any time.

Q: Should Prodigy5 be consumed with food or on an empty stomach?
A: Prodigy5 can be taken with or without food according to your own dietary conditions.

Q: Will Members be able to order samples to share with potential customers?
A: The product is the sample! Each envelope will contain 28 individual packages of the product so you can decide how to share them or use them personally.

Q: Is Prodigy5 all natural and / or organic?
A: Of the 2 grams contained in each Prodigy5 portion, more than 50% of the portion is from ingredients of unprocessed food. Additionally, while Prodigy5 is not organic or all-natural, ingredients have been carefully selected using the highest standards. Prodigy5 has as many natural ingredients as possible, including natural sweeteners and green tea extract.

Q: Are there preservatives in Prodigy5?
A: No: Prodigy5 does not contain preservatives.

Q: What is the concentration of phytoplankton in Prodigy5? How does it compare to SolarStrips, Pure, or FrequenSea?
A: The Prodigy5 product composition contains 50mg of Chlorella per serving. This is a higher level of phytoplankton per serving than any other ForeverGreen product.

Q: Does Prodigy5 contain phytoplankton in Europe?
A: Yes, it contains Chlorella, which is a type of (fresh water) that has great health benefits and is allowed in Europe.

Q: Does Prodigy5 replace all other ForeverGreen products? Do you still have to take any of the other products?
A: No, Prodigy5 does not replace other ForeverGreen products. Each ForeverGreen product is designed for a specific purpose. All ForeverGreen products can be taken in combination to suit your nutritional needs. For best results, set your health goals first and choose the ForeverGreen product (s) that is best for you. As always, we recommend that you consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.

Q: When should I use SolarStrips and when should I use Prodigy5?
A: They have different distribution systems, so you can use both for the general diet. They do not interfere with each other, and they can even reinforce each other when combined.

Q: I did not feel any increase in energy while I got Prodigy5. Did I not consume enough, or what did I make a mistake?
A: Prodigy5 contains 30 mg of natural green tea extract. Green tea is included to give impetus to prolonged energy, unlike typical blends that may be derived from artificial caffeine. However, different body types, and regular caffeine consumption, can affect the way the body processes and responds to the green tea extract.

Q: Can Prodigy5 be combined with other antioxidants?
Oh yes.

Q: Does Prodigy5 function as a substitute for regularly taking vitamins or multivitamins?
A: Prodigy5 has a multivitamin profile containing a series of vitamins and minerals, as shown in the ingredients table.

Q: Does taking Prodigy5 eliminate the need to consume fruits and vegetables that provide the same specific nutrients?
A: Prodigy5 is not meant to replace a healthy diet. Improve your health by adding Prodigy5 to a healthy diet and systemic exercise.

Q: If I have low levels of vitamins, will Prodigy5 help me maintain vitamin levels naturally?
A: Results may vary from person to person, but yes, taking Prodigy5 will help you keep your vitamin levels normal.

Q: Are Prodigy5 Contraindications Contraindicated?
A: It is recommended that someone with a health problem should consult a doctor before starting each new form of dietary supplement. Please take Prodigy5, with its label, to your doctor to discuss whether your doctor has any concerns about you and the consumption of the product.

Q: If I am taking medication (s), should I take Prodigy5?
A: TransArmorTM technology will enhance the absorption of a variety of things: If you are already taking medication (s), it is advised to consult your doctor before adding Prodigy5 to your diet. If your doctor advises you that you can take Prodigy5, we suggest that people follow their doctor's advice as to when to take medication in relation to Prodigy5 consumption, but they should wait at least 90 minutes between taking medication (s) and consumption of Prodigy5.

Q: What is the younger age can anyone safely get Prodigy5?
A: Prodigy5 is not intended for use by children 12 years of age or younger.

Q: Will Prodigy5 help reduce the risk of heart disease?
A: Prodigy5 is not meant to replace a healthy diet, which is important for heart health. Improve your heart's health by adding Prodigy5 to a healthy diet and exercise.

Q: Can I take Prodigy5 during pregnancy?
A: Again, it is important that everyone with a health problem or medical condition, including pregnancy, consult their doctor before starting each new form of dietary supplement.

Q: Can sugar from berry and pomegranate affect people with diabetes?
A: Everyone with a health problem should consult a doctor before starting each new dietary supplement form. Nutrients found in pomegranate can improve insulin sensitivity, which may affect the amount of insulin a diabetes needs: Again, consult your doctor before consuming Prodigy5 if you have a health problem, including diabetes .

Q: Is Prodigy5 Ketone-friendly?
Oh yes. It has been naturally sweetened with pomegranate, raspberry, and stevia.

Q: Does Prodigy5 include substances to boost performance?
A: Prodigy5 contains no substance to boost performance.

Q: What is the life of Prodigy5?
A: Prodigy5 should be consumed within one (1) year of production.

Q: Will there be multiple formulas for the US and international use?
A: Not at this time. The product will be distributed through a global NFR standard.

Q: Does Prodigy5 contain allergens?
A: No: There are no allergens recognized by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America in Prodigy 5.

Q: Is Prodigy5 lactose free?
Oh yes.

Q: Will Prodigy5 help me with sports performance?
A: Prodigy5 will improve your nutritional health, which is beneficial to your physical performance.

Q: Will Prodigy5 help my sick pet feel better?
A: This product is for human consumption. We recommend that you consult your veterinarian.

Q: What is the name of the university where TransArmorTM was developed in Prodigy 5?
A: Although we do not have permission from the university to use their name at this time, it is a recognized institution with a respected research facility. In addition, the scientific basis and methodology behind TransArmorTM has been studied by many scientists and research institutes and universities.

Q: How many lutein and zeaxanthin are contained in Prodigy5?
A: Prodigy5 contains 5 mg of lutein and 1 mg of zeaxanthin. In combination with TransArmor ™ this technology can be an effective amount to support general eye health.

Q: Is 5-methyltetrahydrofolate an ingredient?
A: No, folic acid is used instead.

Q: Is methylcobalamin a component?
A: No, Prodigy5 contains cyanocobalamin.

Q: Is hydroxycobalamin a component?
A: No, Prodigy5 contains cyanocobalamin.

Q: Can you tell me what is used for folic acid and B12 to support people with the MTHFR mutation?
A: Cyanocobalamin and folate are used.

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