See in detail the revolutionary function of Pulse, what each component does and how they all work together to improve our health. How the heart of Pulse is synchronized with our heart.
Pulse 8 in detail
An extremely effective biologically active nutritional supplement, which includes L-Arginine, which was created to maximize support for the cardiovascular system.

As is known, in order to maintain good health it is absolutely essential that all vital elements of the cardiovascular system, that is, heart, blood, arteries, veins and capillaries, operate smoothly and effectively.

At the same time, the reality is that for many decades, cardiovascular diseases have been the world's number one in the number of deaths among men and women.

Pulse-8 is a specially formulated formula that contains pharmacologically pure L-arginine, and a strictly targeted 8-component mixture that provides maximum support for the cardiovascular system.

This blend contains Vitamin B Complex (B3, B6, B9, B12), Vitamin C, D3, Calcium, Coenzyme Q10, Inulin, Acai Berry Extract, Pomegranate Extract, and Red Wine Extract.

Thanks to this composition, the best conditions for L-arginine absorption are created.

What is PULSE-8: is a cocktail of peptides, which offers clean and healthy vessels, by producing nitrogen monoxide, thanks to the 5000mg of pharmacologically pure L-arginine it contains.
  • Keeps a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Enhances the immune system
  • It contributes to the normal production of red blood cells
  • Helps to regulate blood pressure
  • Helps reinforce the erection
  • It gives energy. It is one of the main reasons for athletes receiving this supplement.
  • Helps to regulate blood sugar levels
The 13 g of each dose (a measuring tape included in the package) contains:
  • Calcium 10 mg
  • Vitamin D 60 mcg
  • Niacin 12 mg
  • Vitamin B6 2 mg
  • Folic acid 40 mcg
  • Vitamin B12 60 mcg
  • L-arginine 5000 mg
  • L-Citruline 100 mg
  • D-ribose 10 mg
  • Coenzyme Q10 30 mg
All the vitamins, amino acids and minerals contained in the formula are only made from natural ingredients.

More details about the composition:

  • It has the ability to eliminate radionuclides and heavy metals from the body. -
  • It stimulates bone growth and, as a consequence, prevents the occurrence of various skeletal disorders. This effect is achieved because of the positive effect of inulin on the absorption of calcium in the human body. Studies have shown that prolonged use of inulin (for one year) leads to an increase in bone density to over 25%.
  • It strengthens the immune system, especially the lymphatic tissue, which makes up one quarter of all intestinal mucosa cells, so the intestine reacts positively to the administration of inulin to the body. In turn, improvement in lymphatic tissue increases the resistance of the bronchial tree, ureter, mucosal gastrointestinal tract.
  • It has a beneficial effect on the liver. Administration of inulin in combination with pharmaceutical therapy undoubtedly enhances the effects of hepatitis B and C treatment. Thus, inulin contributes to smooth gastrointestinal function, is effective in acute and chronic gastrointestinal infections, dysbacteriosis, gastritis, enteritis, colitis, in frequent acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections and impotence.
Inulin has a strong antagonistic property against pathogenic microorganisms, retarding the development of septic processes in the intestine, cleanses blood, increases bile production, improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system, slowing the aging process.

Inulin prevents the development of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, liver disease and reduces blood pressure. Inulin can be used in cases where gut microflora is reduced, such as when taking antibiotic treatment.

It is also recommended to take inulin in stressful situations and when there is a possibility of exposure to radiation.

Due to the complete absence of side effects during long-term use, it allows us to recommend inulin to the elderly and to people with chronic inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Ribose, D (D-ribose)

It is a carbohydrate naturally present in the human body, which is vital for the synthesis of ATP (ATP - Adenosine Tri-Phosphoric Acid) that actively supports the cell. After intense workout or anxiety, levels of ATP in cells are significantly reduced. The additional use of ribose helps significantly in the repair of the myocardium and the musculoskeletal system.

Additional ribose uptake may also be useful in ischemic conditions when oxygen delivery to tissues is reduced.

Acai Berry

The richest antioxidant content of all fruit ever tested. It contains almost all the vitamins and trace elements known in science. And if we compare this fruit with the raspberry, then we will see that in all the parameters related to the calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, vitamin A, E, amino acids ... there is no comparison! Acai Berry - Contains About 3000 Ingredients! It's energy vitamin bomb!


Pomegranate contains about 15 amino acids, five of which are irreplaceable. It is also rich in vitamins K, C, B9 and B6, and trace elements (potassium, copper, phosphorus). Pomegranate is also a low-calorie fruit. 100 grams of fruit correspond to 72 calories. Pomegranate contains punicalagin (penicillagine). This substance neutralizes free radicals and increases antioxidant activity. It has beneficial effects on the heart.

According to doctors, punicalagin and other antioxidants contained in pomegranates strengthen the walls of blood vessels and lower levels of "bad" cholesterol (LDL). This prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaque. Pomegranate is rich in vitamin K, which plays an important role in the metabolism of bone and connective tissues. In particular, it participates in the absorption of calcium.

Pomegranate juice contains substances that inhibit the synthesis of estrogens and block the growth of malignant tumors - ellaithanins. Due to its high content of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances, pomegranate juice slows the growth of cancer cells. It has strong antibacterial properties. Pomegranate activates the immune system of the body, protecting it from viruses. Pomegranate increases hemoglobin levels in the blood. Pomegranate juice has a diuretic property that helps reduce swelling, often seen in diabetics in the early stages of the disease.

Pomegranate prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease. This is due to the high content of antioxidants and punicalagin. This conclusion was reached by scientists at the University of Huddersfield in the University of Huddersfield. Concentrated 3.4% pomegranate juice is made up of punicalagin which, in turn, reduces the severity of inflammation in the brain and slows down senile dementia. In addition, a pomegranate extract is often used in medicine as an anti-aging supplement. Slows down the aging process, reduces wrinkles and prevents age spots.

Coenzyme Q10

It plays an irreplaceable role in the production of cellular energy. It is a natural antioxidant that protects the cells from lesions caused by free radicals. Coenzyme Q10 is essential for all body organs, especially for those with high energy requirements. It is especially important for heart activity - because the heart has twice as much energy as the other organs! Unfortunately, with age, coenzyme Q10 content in body cells decreases.

Studies show that the maximum content of coenzyme Q10 in the body is observed at the age of 19-21 years, and in our 80 the content of this substance is reduced by 65%. In addition, lowering levels of coenzyme Q10 may be due to poor nutrition, negative environmental impact, exercise conception, the use of certain drugs. Our body is able to produce the Q10 coenzyme as a result of a complex multi-stage process that involves the inclusion of a number of enzymes, vitamins and trace elements.

Synthesis of Q10 coenzyme can be difficult because of the lack of certain substances in the body because the diet of modern humans is far from ideal. To compensate for the lack of coenzyme Q10, we can use some foods. The richest sources of the substance are animal offal, mackerel, sardines, pistachios.

The required daily dose of coenzyme Q10 is about 30 mg per day. To absorb this amount from
the food must be consumed about a kilo of sardines or a pound beef liver! It has been found that most people absorb from 2 to 10 milligrams per day coenzyme Q10, and this is & nbsp; inadequate. The reduction of coenzyme Q10 in our body by 25% & nbsp; can cause cardiac disorders, diabetes and periodontitis, weakens the immune system and reduces the overall viability of the body. Therefore, for middle-aged men and more, coenzyme Q10 is recommended as a daily dietary supplement. 
Studies have shown that coenzyme Q10 improves cardiovascular status, helps reduce blood pressure, prevent thrombosis, stabilize heart rate, improves microcirculation in all tissues and organs, has beneficial effects on gum health, improves energy production in mitochondria. This substance is directly related to metabolism, it is also a catalyst for burning fat, helps maintain normal body weight. In addition, coenzyme Q10 increases the overall body resistance. Q10 increases the antioxidant activity of vitamin E-α-tocopherol A certain amount of coenzyme Q10 is also essential for a healthy immune system. Studies have shown that coenzyme Q10 enhances the phagocytic activity of macrophages, and increases the amount of immunoglobulin. Coenzyme Q10 is useful for preventing allergic reactions.

Coenzyme Q10 helps prevent premature aging by acting as a powerful natural antioxidant that protects cells from lesions caused by free radicals and positively influencing both internal body condition and appearance.

However, not all forms of coenzyme Q10 are equally useful. There is the natural (trans) form, and the synthetic (cis) form of the substance. The natural coenzyme Q10 is preferable to the artificial as it is identical to what our body produces.

L-κιτρουλίνη Originally L-citrulline isolated from watermelon, although it is found in other food products. This amino acid is used to detoxify the body from ammonia, boosts the immune system and is the precursor of another important amino acid - L-arginine, which participates in the production of nitric oxide, accelerates healing and strengthens blood vessels. According to Thorson's "Thorson's Guide to Amino Acids," L-arginine helps treat diabetes, Alzheimer's, dementia, and chronic fatigue. In addition, the specific amino acid reduces the pressure, opens the artery and increases blood flow to the organs and systems. This allowed scientists to come to the conclusion that L-arginine is an amazing natural remedy for erectile dysfunction. One of the main beneficial properties of L-arginine is related to its high energy potential, the ability to strengthen the immune system and the powerful detoxification of the body for a healthy and energy-filled organism.

Niacin Vitamin B3 (niacin)

It actively participates in the metabolism and energy production, in the functioning of the nervous system. Niacin is beneficial for the cardiovascular system: it improves blood circulation and helps reduce "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, and is involved in increasing "good" cholesterol.

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)

Vitamin B6 participates in the metabolism of amino acids and in the metabolism of proteins. From this vitamin depends the production of hormones, and the direct production of hemoglobin in red blood cells.

For maximum release of energy from proteins, fat and carbohydrates require vitamin B6. B6 is actively involved in making numerous enzymes that provide the normal function for at least 60 different enzyme systems, and even more, it improves assimilation of unsaturated fatty acids.

Among other things, Pyridoxine is essential for the normal functioning of the central nervous system, helping to get rid of nighttime cramps in the muscles, foot cramps and numbness of the hands. Also, this vitamin is essential for the physiological synthesis of nucleic acids, intended to prevent aging of the human body and to preserve the immune system

Vitamin B12

It is essential for energy metabolism, cell reproduction, DNA and RNA synthesis, blood cell formation, maintenance of the nervous and cardiovascular system. Vitamin B12 in combination with folic acid and vitamin B6 controls the levels of homocysteine in the blood, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Deficiency of vitamin B12 results in reduced cognition and endurance.

Folic acid

Folic acid (vitamin B9) is essential for the synthesis of DNA and RNA, the production of red blood cells (RBCs), and the optimization of the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems of the body. Vitamin B9 plays an important role in maintaining normal homocysteine levels.

Studies have shown that elevated levels of homocysteine can lead to the development of cardiovascular disease. With age, levels of vitamin B9 in the body decrease and homocysteine levels increase. Taking folic acid helps to normalize increased blood homocysteine levels.

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