I find it hard to follow a long-lasting tired diet. I can easily quit after a few days. I want to see immediate results in order not to lose my courage. I'm happy, I came up with the solution.
I want to lose weight, easily, quickly and healthily.

It's a low carbohydrate diet with enough protein intake to avoid fatigue and resistance.

Initially, a two-week activation with a significant weight loss is required. It is important to observe the quantities listed below (do not worry, it is enough).

Then the maintenance phase in which weight loss continues at a slower pace. Higher protein intake and enrichment with a reasonable amount of fruit every day.

To improve metabolism and reduce hunger, FIXX is included in the diet. FIXX activates metabolism with the appropriate enzymes and pre-biotics, offers a significant amount of protein that reduces hunger and contains a large amount of flavonoids that create a sense of fullness. The best time to take FIXX is around 10:00 am to 11:00 am when it usually starts to feel some hunger.

The result is that it reduces the feeling of hunger, activates the digestive system and prepares for the meal.

To supplement with the micronutrients necessary for our health, it is necessary (at least) to take Prodigy-5 during the diet. Prodigy-5 fully replenishes our body's daily needs in vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and antioxidants. Recent studies have shown that even a small lack of vitamins makes the body give signals that are interpreted as a feeling of hunger. So we have increased appetite and we eat a lot more than our needs. This is one of the reasons why most diets fail.

The diet includes protein diet for the 6 days of the week and exclusive fruit intake on day 7 for detoxification purposes. The day of detoxification can be any day of the week.

Days 1 through 6

1-3 boiled 1-3 poached eggs with 1-2 slices of whole bread or toasted bread.

It is of great importance to receive a Prodigy-5 multivitamin. It will give us great energy and will give us a feeling of fullness and saturation for the whole day.


FIXX drink. FIXX will relieve us of the need for a snack (which is usually of low nutritional value) and will reduce our appetite for lunch.


In all cases it includes a green salad with a little olive oil and a free choice of the following (the amounts are recommended, if there is pressure, protein intake such as eggs and meat but not cold meats can be increased):

  • 3 eggs or chicken breast on the grill or
  • 1 toast with turkey or
  • 1 boiled egg and a few slices of turkey or
  • 1 serving chicken or
  • 1 serving beef meat

It includes, in all cases, a green salad with a little olive oil and a free choice of the following:

  • 1 serving of pork meat without fat or
  • a few slices of ham and chicken or
  • omelette with 2 eggs a few slices of ham or
  • beef or
  • grilled meat
Day 7 detoxification

Exclusive fruit, unlimited quantity and kind. It is best for a detox day to be either Saturday or Sunday to have a comfortable stay at home.


Let's look in more detail on the functions of vitamins in the human body and their relationship to maintaining the right body weight.

  • Vitamin B1 is known as thiamine. It is involved in the process of converting carbohydrates to glucose, it is extremely important to provide energy to the body.
  • Vitamins B2 (riboflavin) and B6 (pyridoxine) are essential for normal thyroid function. They are also involved in the energy-taking processes of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Over-estimation of the importance of these vitamins for weight loss is difficult. They are very important in our effort to lose weight.
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin) is also extremely important, since it depends to a large extent on the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Lack of this vitamin can cause heartburn and constipation. In addition, niacin is important for protein metabolism and cholesterol release.
  • B4 (choline) is one of the most important vitamins in the diet. Its function is to direct a particular hormone to the fat cells, which activates the lipodilution process.
  • Vitamin B5 is called pantothenic acid. It participates in almost all metabolic processes, and supports the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It is natural to conclude that a deficiency of this vitamin can slow down metabolism.
  • Cobalamin (B12) performs many functions in the human body, including providing vital functions of nerve fibers and regulating carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Vitamin C is very important because it is involved in maintaining the immune system, which is often reduced with a low nutritional value diet. It helps to fight stress (which is also important for weight loss) and promotes the activation of metabolic processes.
  • Among the important vitamins for weight loss and vitamin D, because it assists in the digestion of calcium and phosphorus. These metals are essential to maintain cartilage and bone resistance. Phosphorus is also involved in the breakdown of fats.

In cases where the body's needs are met in vitamins, weight loss becomes effective because it reduces appetite, metabolism accelerates and weight gradually returns to normal. 

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